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Classroom simulation showing armed hostage taker and fleeing teachers

SimCity – Real World Simulation

Where the rubber meets the road…


Adult/Teen (13+)

Teens must be accompanied by an adult

4 hrs Group/Semi-private

NO LIVE FIRE. Simulation weapons will be provided.

What would you do if you come face to face with an armed assailant? Now you can find out…Experience a variety of scenarios that simulate the sort of dangerous situations you could encounter in real life. With seconds to act, you will have to evaluate the situation, make critical life or death decisions and manage their consequences.

To conduct this course of instruction, participants will engage with a group of specially trained role players who will pose a variety of threatening situations. All of your skills will be put to the test. Simulations may involve threats such as road rage, carjacking, robbery, home invasion, workplace violence, and terrorist attacks. Firearms simulations use highly realistic marking cartridge projectile guns. Following training, a debriefing session will review each simulation.

During the program you will also be introduced to physical and mental exercises – spy games – that test perception, problem solving, and situational awareness in fun and dynamic ways.

SimCity is available to Defensive Tactics and Firearms students by invitation only. To be eligible, participants must have achieved completion in either of the following levels of proficiency:

Defensive Tactics – Either Completion of the full Essentials Program (INPOWER, REACT, ASSERT) or Enrollment in Level Two Mastery Training (Private Training)

Firearms – DHG-2 Carry Tactics

This could be one of the most exciting and educational training programs you will ever experience. Attendance is restricted. Applicants must call us at 724.759.7571 to check eligibility and schedule a simulation – online signups are not available for SimCity.