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School violence is neither rare, nor random.

In fact, shootings are almost always predictable and preventable – if you know what to look for.

INPAX programs for educators offer a unique window into the minds of those who commit school homicide, and a clear-eyed view of the epidemic of school violence from the perspective of a security expert.

These vital in-service programs teaches teachers how to identify the warning signs – or “indicators” – of potential violence, and the immediate and appropriate responses to intercede and forestall those situations from spiraling out of control. Educators also learn – hands-on – what do do if they come face-to-face with an active shooter and how to manage their students in a crisis.

This is an empowering journey into a subject most people would rather deny could ever happen to them, or would prefer to relegate to the professional “lifeguards” of society. Yet personal security is, ultimately, an individual responsibility and while it’s good to have a lifeguard, it’s better to know how to swim.

Your educators will emerge from this training smarter and more confident in their ability to predict, prevent, and respond to violence, acquiring the know-how to keep their students and themselves alive should they become the real first responders.

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See the list of educators who have received INPAX training and what they’ve had to say about us.

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For Educators

For Security Officers and SROs

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What Clients Say

“Sam is extremely adept in the training he and his sta provide to groups and individuals. He engages his audience using all three learning styles: visual, audible, and experiential. The critical incident response workshop Sam provided here reached the entire staff of Chartiers Valley School District. No matter the skill level of his students during the session Sam and his staff members were able to exhibit depth of knowledge, professionalism, and a variety of skill sets that trainees practice to this day so the expiration date for each is not reached.”
Walt Schultz, Chartier's Valley School District
“All of our teachers are committed to providing quality instruction to the students in their classroom, but that’s not all. They are called to protect their students as well. With the violence in our world today, our District is upgrading security measures in our facilities, but if those preventative measures fail, we have to provide our staff with the training and confdence to know what to do if confronted with an armed intruder. INPAX training has helped our staff think through how to respond in a crisis and has given them basic skills to protect themselves, colleagues, and our students. We hope and pray that we never have to use the training we have been provided by INPAX, but our staff has more confdence in knowing what to do when confronted with school violence.”
Dr. Michelle Miller, Blackhawk School District