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INPAX Response Pen – Generation II



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Product Specifications
Stainless Steel Construction
Length: 6.5″
Max Thickness: 5/8″
Weight: 1.5oz

  • Functioning pen
  • Can travel anywhere
  • Includes keyfob
  • Glassbreak

With these new Gen II features…

  • Quick release cap
  • Made entirely in USA
  • New low price!

The Response Pen is an ancient self-defense tool, re-created for the 21st century.

It can be concealed in a pocket, or hidden in plain sight, and when used properly, can disable an attacker – instantly – without causing permanent injury.

A truly “smart” weapon, the Response Pen travels with you, where other weapons cannot. Allowing you to be armed and ready no matter where you find yourself in the world. And absent the right training, it’s just a pen, which means it cannot be used against you if it falls into the wrong hands.

Now – for the first time – you can save your life… with the same tool you use to earn your living.


How It Works

Imagine, if you will, a 100lb woman, with a lighter bone structure, trying to incapacitate a 250 lbs. man? Make no mistake – virtually anyone can protect themselves with their bare hands – if they have the right training – but even then, it requires a degree of athletic ability. And the size differential means that she is still fighting from a disadvantage position.

Now imagine you hand that same woman a hammer. Do you think she could do real damage if need be – even without training? You better believe it…

That’s because a hammer is a powerful force multiplier. Tools by very definition, allow you to exert far greater force than you could with your bare hands, with less effort.

That’s exactly what the Response Pen is. It is a powerful tool. A powerful – force multiplying impact tool – that coupled with the right know-how allows even the smallest person to exert enough force to disrupt or incapacitate an assailant, or even break through automotive glass to escape a disabled vehicle or save a life.

Key Features

The Response Pen is first and foremost, a high quality pen, ergonomically designed for the most disriminating writer.

Its solid body construction, and threaded cap give the Pen unparalleled toughness, and it’s design is comfortable to hold, small enough to carry every day, but large enough to use as an impact tool as needed.

Both ends of the Response Pen are designed for impact, with the primary striking end designed as a glass break. The Response Pen has been specifically engineered to maximize impact force transfer, while minimizing the potential for penetrating the skin of a human target.

There are other “Tactical Pens” out there, but virtually all have the same critical design flaw…they are designed to stab – much like an ice pick. This means that functionally speaking, these tools are only viable in a self-defense situation where deadly force is warranted. Using an ice pick in a situation where deadly force is NOT warranted would expose you to tremendous liability.

The Response Pen, on the other hand, is designed to avoid penetration.

Instead it works as an impact tool, and when striking vulnerable zones of the body can cause disruption or temporary incapacitation, all the while – scrupulously avoiding excessive damage.

This does not mean that the Response Pen cannot cause serous injury or death – in fact it can. It means that with the right know-how, you can decide how much force you chose to use – force, or deadly force.

Another key design feature of the Response Pen is its accessibility. Women’s clothing, for example, often does not have pockets, making it difficult to carry and keep readily accessible, protection tools. The Response Pen solves that problem, by affixing to your key chain via the included key-fob. Simply slip the pen into your waistband, allowing your keys to dangle, and you have immediate access to your tool.

Having a protection tool on your body – accessible at a moments notice, that you know gives you a decisive advantage, yet cannot be used against you, and that can travel with you – wherever, and whenever you need it, truly un-levels the playing field in your favor.

Not to mention – having a Response Pen, and the skill and confidence that comes with it – can dramatically reduce potential of you even being targeted in the first place. You see, the defining characteristic predatory bad-guys are looking for in a victim is vulnerability, and with a Response Pen – you are anything but…

Get your Response Pen today, and experience what we mean by – “Live With Confidence!”


Way of the Warrior cover

INPAX: The Way of the Warrior

INPAX: The Way of the Warrior is the distillation of a lifetime of learning and teaching. In its pages, Sam Rosenberg-professional bodyguard and personal security trainer, articulates the philosophy of the warrior life and how it may be lived on a daily basis. More than just a way to manage conflict, The Way of the Warrior is a guide to achieving inner peace.

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On Combat (signed by D. Grossman)

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The Traveler’s Guide to Personal Security

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The globalization of crime and terrorism didn’t begin, of course, with 9/11, but there’s no question that the risks and uncertainties of travel—and all areas of personal security—loom far larger in its wake. Not only are longer lines at airport security a fact of life for most travelers, but we also experience greater anxiety about the people we encounter and the situations in which we find ourselves.

The main goal of this guide is to replace this anxiety—much of which is likely unfounded—with a realistic understanding of what people and situations are (and are not) likely to pose a risk to your security and well being while traveling domestically or abroad. In its pages, you’ll find most of the common situations in which you may be placed at risk and learn how to spot the warning signals of an impending attack or crime, and more importantly- what to do about it!

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