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Kids InPower

Confidence for them.

Peace of mind for you.


Kids (5-8)

2 hrs Group/Private duration varies by need. Please Inquire

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Most of us grew up hearing the mantra “don’t talk to strangers…” so much so, that we find ourselves repeating it reflexively to our children.

Yet the notion of “Stranger Danger” can, in fact, place your kids in even greater peril. Embedded within the concept of stranger danger, is the implication that strangers are to be feared and by contrast, those we know must therefore be safe. Yet all too often this is not the case.

Further, if your child should become lost, knowing how to talk to strangers is one of the most vital survival skills they possess – what is critical is knowing how to choose which strangers are safe.

The INPAX Kids InPower program teaches kids not to fear strangers, but rather to tune and to trust their own instincts.

• How to identify “strangeness” rather than strangers. How to trust their instincts and “When in doubt, get out.”
• What to do if someone touches them, and how to bog-down an abduction attempt for the critical 2-5 seconds it takes for a bad guy to abandon the attempt.
• What to do if they get lost or separated from their parents or group – what are safe areas, and how to immediately identify the safe strangers to approach for help.

Additionally, we teach you, the parent, how to teach and reinforce situational awareness to your kids, and how to reinforce the lessons they learn here, on an everyday basis.

Nothing is a greater priority for parents than their kids safety – yet you cannot always be there to protect them. KidsInPower empowers your children to remain safe when you aren’t there.