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Justifying Force

When the smoke clears,
the second fight begins.


Teen/Adult (13+)

Prerequisites: None

3 hrs Group

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“Every person has the right to defend – even by force – his person, his liberty, and his property.”
—Frédéric Bastiat

Both the framers of the U.S. Constitution and, before them, the authors of Pennsylvania’s original Bill of Rights agreed with this notion of the primacy of self-defense. Yet “justification of the use of force” is one of the most widely misunderstood legal concepts that can, unfortunately, lead to tragic consequences to those forced by circumstance to exercise this fundamental right.

This 3-hour interactive seminar will clarify the Justification Law and teach you, in depth, the parameters of Justification of Force as it applies in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Taught by a licensed Pennsylvania attorney, this essential look at the issues, decisions, and consequences that arise from a situation requiring force will arm you with the knowledge to act appropriately and minimize your liability. Following a brief introduction to the law and key concepts such as Force, Deadly Force and the Castle Doctrine, the content will shift to student-driven interactive role playing exercises, introducing use of force scenarios to explore the challenges involved in the interpretation of Justification Law.

On completion of this program, you will be able to address the following questions…

• When can I use deadly force to defend myself? another? property?
• Do I have a duty to retreat?
• How do I gauge, in the moment, how much force to use?
• How does the law change in my home vs. the street?

and much more!