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Goal Oriented Intensives

The Essentials you need. Nothing you don’t.



minors must be accompanied by an adult

Prerequisites: None

1, 2, or 3 day programs


Download a program flyer.

Designed expressly for individuals, families and teams who want, or need, to front-load the most critical personal security skills and knowledge in a highly condensed, yet retainable, time-frame.

INTENSIVES programming is customized specifically to meet your needs, learning objectives, and time allowances. 1, 2 and 3-day programs are common, and may be engineered to encompass elements of any of our program categories, including: Personal Security, Defensive Firearms, Travel Security, Edged and Impact Weapon Defense, Gun Disarming and Active Shooter Response, Surveillance Detection, Kidnapping Evasion and Escape, Workplace Violence Prevention and Threat Assessment.

INPAX Academy is conveniently located approx. 30 minutes from Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, with numerous hotels and amenities close by. If you are planning travel to see us, we’d be happy to assist you in making your arrangements, and can often provide ground transportation as needed.