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Violence is neither rare, nor random.

Even the most desperate predator is careful in selecting his victims. And ‘bad guys’ always follow a predictable continuum of behavior in selecting and attacking their targets. The phases of this continuum can be identified – in advance – by easily detectable ‘indicators’ – if you know what to look for.

INPAX self-defense programs will teach you how to recognize, avoid, and deter threats, and how to decisively respond physically to incapacitate an attacker if avoidance fails.

You will learn how to think under pressure, negotiate the critical ‘interview’ phase of an encounter, use verbal and non-verbal tactics to announce you will not become a victim, and use the appropriate level of force when ‘talking’ turns to ‘touching’.

And when the situation escalates, the INPAX firearm curriculum provides you with the abilities to effectively wield a firearm in all situations.

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