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INPAX programs have been featured on the following local and national outlets…


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette February 20, 2018

Surplus Killing. Our society needs sheepdogs with teeth.

The News-Item (newsitem.com) February 21, 2017

Le Soleil (lesoleil.com) January 20, 2016

WPXI.com News December 1, 2015

TribLive November 30, 2015

Pittsburgh Post Gazette March 3, 2013

Pittsburgh Post Gazette December 23, 2012

Pittsburgh Post Gazette July 29, 2012

Pittsburgh Post Gazette August 13, 2009

Black Belt Magazine December 2008

Pittsburgh Business Times December 3, 2007

Pittsburgh Post Gazette October 11, 2007

The Pitt News October 8, 2007

Maniac Magazine

Pittsburgh Post Gazette April 29, 2007


WTAE Action News Investigates. February 20, 2018

Sam Rosenberg appears to discuss security lapses in our schools, a hot topic following the mass shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Watch and read here.

KDKA TV News at 5. July 4, 2017

Groundbreaking for the INPAX Academy. KDKA-TV runs a short segment discussing the new indoor range facility to be located at McCandless Crossing near Pittsburgh.

Rob Pratte, KDKA. June 14, 2017

A brief chat with Rob Pratte discussing mass shootings and the attack on congressmen at a Virginia ballfield.

Pittsburgh Today Live, KDKA. August 5, 2016

Active shooter defense with Kristine Sorensen and the upcoming (8/7/16) free ASSERT training at the Thelma Lovette YMCA.

WTAE TV News. July 25, 2016

Active shooter defense with Marcy Cipriani and the upcoming (8/7/16) free ASSERT training at the Thelma Lovette YMCA.

KDKA TV News. January 5, 2016

Executive actions regarding gun control.

KDKA TV News at 6. April 25, 2015

How to Survive an Abduction. Read the associated article.

Franklin Regional High School Mass Stabbing

KDKA-TV News at 4. April 10, 2014

WTAE-TV 4 News at 5. April 10, 2014

KDKA-TV News at 4. April 9, 2014

Pittsburgh Today Live November 25, 2013

Part One. Holiday Safety.

Part Two. Girls and Guns.

KDKA Channel 2 News at Eleven May 7, 2013

Girls and Guns.

Pittsburgh Today Live January 16, 2012

Part 1. Self Defense Moves For Women.

Part 2. How To Protect Yourself And Avoid Being A Victim

KDKA TV News at 11 January 14, 2012

Free Self Defense Classes in the North Hills.

11 at 11 August 9, 2009

Increased Student Enrollments after L.A. Fitness Shooting.

Pittsburgh Today Live with Brenda Waters August 2009

Reacting to a Shooter. L.A. Fitness Shooting.

WTAE TV with Jon Greiner

Fight Like a Girl (FLAG)

KDKA TV with David Highfield October 10, 2007.

Training programs for teachers following the Cleveland school shooting.


KDKA Radio 1020 12/12/17 with Mike Pintek 
Sam Rosenberg visits the studio with Mike Pintek to talk about INPAX Academy and the new indoor range coming soon to McCandless Crossing, plus some tips for keeping safe.

WJAS Radio 1320 11/28/17 with Bloomdaddy 
Sam Rosenberg joins Bloomdaddy’s “What’s the Buzz?” segment to discuss the new indoor range and training facility opening in spring of 2018.

WJAS Radio 1320 10/4/17 with Bloomdaddy 
INPAX’s Lead Firearm Instructor joins Bloomdaddy to talk about Survival Tactics for Modern Terrorist Threats following the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

KDKA Radio 1020 8/18/17 with Rob Pratte
A conversation following recent events in Barcelona, including planning for the worst case.

KDKA Radio 1020 6/16/17 with Rob Pratte
Discussing the Virginia congressional baseball shooting.

KDKA Radio 1020 5/22/17 with Rob Pratte
Discussing the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert.

WJAS Radio 1320 3/21/17 with Bloomdaddy 
Talking about the new Critical Incident Trauma Care program titled PreEMT.

KDKA Radio 1020 1/7/17 with Rob Pratte
Dan Rullo discusses the realities of personal security and gun violence with Rob Pratte the day following the mass homicide at the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

KDKA Radio 1020 11/28/16 with Rob Pratte
Discussing the mass attack at The Ohio State University.

KDKA Radio 1020 8/6/16 with Rob Pratte
What do you do if you’re face to face with an active shooter?

KDKA Radio 1020 6/14/16 with Rob Pratte
In the Wake of Orlando. What can government really do?

KDKA Radio 1020 9/22/15 with Rob Pratte
The Pope, Bullying, and Training the Mind

KDKA Radio 1020 7/6/15 with Rob Pratte
Staying SAFE in a violent world.

KDKA Radio 1020 4/9/14 with Robert Mangino
Franklin Regional H.S. mass stabbing.

KDKA Radio 1020 3/29/14 with Rob Pratte
Travel security.

KDKA Radio 1020 8/22/13 with Rob Pratte
Violence in our communities.

KDKA Radio 1020 4/28/13 with Rob Pratte
Discussing Israel.

KDKA Radio 1020 4/20/13 with Rob Pratte
The Boston Marathon bombing.

KDKA Radio 1020 3/31/13 with Rob Pratte
Crime & concealed carry.

KDKA Radio 1020 2/9/13 with Rob Pratte

KDKA Radio 1020 12/15/12 with Rob Pratte
Sandy Hook shooting. What can we do?

KDKA Afternoon News Special 12/14/12
Periodic appearances during Sandy Hook news coverage.

KDKA Morning Radio 1020 1/11/12 with Larry Reichert and John Shumway
Ross Township serial rapist. Read the associated article.

KDKA Radio 1020 10/11/07 with Kevin Miller
Responding to school violence following the Cleveland school shooting.


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