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toddler peers at an unattended pistol on a table

Firearm Maintenance & Home Safety

Treat your firearm like the investment it is. Ready and available.


Teen/Adult (13+)

Prerequisites: None

3 hrs Group/2 hrs Private


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Owning a firearm is an awesome responsibility. And keeping it accessible – yet safe – clean and functional, are some of the most overlooked topics in new firearm ownership, yet are among the most common contributors to many accidents.

This safety course focuses itself on the best practices for storing, cleaning, and the long term care of what you should consider to be a critical investment.

This program will teach you:

• How to ensure your gun doesn’t end up in your child’s hands.
• How – and when – to educate your kids on firearms in the home.
• How to store a firearm safely, and still keep it accessible in a moments notice (hint: that does not mean a loaded shotgun under the bed).
• How to clean, assemble and maintain your firearm as a precision tool.
• What firearm accessories you should consider – such as holsters, lights, or slings.

…and much more!

The format for this 3-hour program will be a combined lecture/workshop. Following a short presentation with an open ended Q&A, the instructors will break out to work individually with participants, helping them to disassemble, service and clean their firearms at their own pace.

Attendees should bring any desired firearm(s) to this session, unloaded and safe. For the best experience, participants must also bring their owner’s manuals along with the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning supplies (or equivalent) for each device.

Note: There is NO LIVE FIRE component to this training. Anyone desiring to test and evaluate their equipment should schedule adequate range time at their own convenience.