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You are never helpless.


Adult/Teen (13+)

Teen must be accompanied by an adult

3 hrs Group/Private

Download a program flyer.

Escaping duct tape, zip ties, handcuffs and other common restraints.

In a kidnapping, time is of the essence. The best time to escape is during the initial attack or transportation. If taken, one must be well versed in how to defeat a variety of restraints.

In this exclusive seminar, a former CIA clandestine service field officer from Armada Global, an INPAX strategic partner, will teach various methodologies and techniques to defeat common restraints such as duct tape, zip ties, and handcuffs. Techniques use one’s body mass and common, everyday items, as tools.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants will experience minor to moderate discomfort during the defeat procedures as techniques can result in abrasions and skin irritation.