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Defensive Handgun Safety & Handling

The Constitution Gives You
the Right. Your Family Gives
You the Reason.


Teen/Adult (13+)

teen must be accompanied by an adult

Prerequisites: None

3 hrs Group/2 hrs Private

Firearm rental available for additional fee

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We give you the skills to use it responsibly.

This introductory course will give you a comprehensive, entry-level, understanding of firearm safety, gun handling, and marksmanship, as well as a working knowledge of fundamental firearm theory as it pertains to personal defense. Gun calibers, firearm ballistics, proper gun selection and safe ownership will all be examined.

There are significant differences between “target shooting” and using a handgun as a defensive instrument. With this course, you take your first steps towards being confidently capable of using a handgun as a defensive tool in your personal security toolbox.

In this course you will learn:

Firearm Selection & Safety. The 3 critical criteria for selecting the right Defensive Handgun and the 4 critical safety rules and how to apply them on and off the range.

Defensive Shooting. The 4 fundamentals of defensive firearm usage that enable you to use a handgun deliberately, accurately, and under duress.

Stopping Power. The 4 ways of stopping an aggressor. The relationship between firearm caliber and stopping power, and how it pertains to selecting the right firearm for personal protection.