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Lowlight Tactics

The rules change at night, but not the reasons.


Adult (17+)

Minor must be accompanied by a guardian

Prerequisites: DHG-2

4 hrs Group/3 hrs Private

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It is estimated that 80% of all defensive shootings occur at night or in low light conditions. Whether you are disrupted while enjoying an evening out or you have been awakened at home by a crash downstairs, you must be prepared to manage a situation that will require you to fight back and deploy a firearm under restricted visibility.

In addition to training you to operate comfortably under low light conditions, this graduate level course teaches you how to deploy and use a handheld flashlight as an accessory to your handgun, becoming an impact weapon or control tool as necessary.

In this course you will learn:

Old tactics anew. It’s like starting over again once the lights go out. Relearn and practice old skills under impaired conditions.

How to manipulate light to your best advantage. Whether you are maximizing the limited light available or dominating with your own handheld, make light your ally.

How to select and mount a light. The market is full of light sources, attachable and handheld. Get the best information on tools for your application.