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Home Defense

It’s your home. Now make it your castle.


Adult (17+)

Minor must be accompanied by a guardian.

Prerequisites: None

4 hrs Group/3 hrs Private

The vast majority of gun owners cite home defense as a primary reason. Yet deploying a firearm in the home, particularly under the stress of a home invasion, requires skills and training beyond simple gun handling and marksmanship.

This course is deigned to take your basic skills to the next level, and answer critical questions, such as:

Is a handgun good for home defense, and what are their advantages or limitations?

How do I store it safely, yet accessibly?

What kind of ammunition should I be using to avoid over-penetration of walls should I miss?

Tactically, what are the best practices during a home invasion?

How do I protect and manage my kids and family during a crisis?

Additionally, this course will expand you gun handling and defensive shooting skills beyond the basics, developing additional skills and experience necessary to manage a defensive shooting situation.