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Good-guys get shot more often than bad-guys, and it’s not just because the bad-guys start shooting first…


Adult (17+)

Minor must be accompanied by a guardian

Prerequisites: DHG-2

4 hrs Group/3 hrs Private

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Mostly it’s a function of training. All too often, lawful gun owners practice from a stationary position on a conventional firing line that does not allow for movement, alternate positions, or practicing the use of cover.

Fewer still, are shooters who truly understand the dynamics associated with foreground and background – innocent bystanders who may be in front of, or behind the bad-guy, all of whom will likely be in motion – that are relevant in any defensive engagement. In fact, most firearm training courses only pay lip service to this critical facet, doing little to combat the tunnel vision and target-fixation that occur almost universally in high stakes situations.

This course specifically addresses these dimensions. By systematically training both the mind and the body, through live fire drills and simulations that force you to manage foreground and background elements, often involving moving 3-dimensional target arrays, your body learns how to move and shoot, while your mind gets conditioned to truly perceive what’s happening around you.

In this course you will learn:

Use of Cover. and the distinction between cover and concealment. We will use rigging to simulate numerous cover/concealment scenarios that you could adapt in a defensive engagement such as furniture, automobiles, and walls.

Aftermath. preparation and protocols – what you need to expect physically, psychologically, and emotionally following a deadly force encounter, and how to protect yourself before, during and after the incident.