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Dynamic Tactics

Fusing skill with violence of action


Adult (17+)

Minor must be accompanied by a guardian

Prerequisites: DHG-3

4 hrs Group/3 hrs Private

The tactical challenges in a defensive deployment increase exponentially when the situation involves close quarter, indoor environments.

Dynamic Tactics is a course unlike anything taught in this series thus far, teaching you how to progress your skills from the open environment of the range, to realistically managing doorways, walls, and common urban obstacles – interjecting rapid decision making and uncertainty into the equation.

As a private citizen, you are most likely going to be on your own, possibly with loved ones to protect. As such, team based tactics, as taught to law enforcement and military personnel, are often inappropriate or impossible to achieve solo.

This advanced course teaches you how to apply the fundamentals of defensive handgun in close quarters environments. How to use doors, hallways, stairs and other spaces to your advantage, and how to navigate them safely when in danger.

To accomplish this, we use a combination of training environments, often, where you won’t know where or how many bad-guys are present, or what conditions lie around the corner.

Additionally, you will learn how to manage the negative effects of adrenaline including: tunnel vision, loss of motor coordination, and auditory exclusion.