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Carry Tactics

To some, the right to carry is a privilege; to others it is a responsbility.


Adult (17+)

Minor must be accompanied by a guardian

Prerequisites: Handgun Safety & Handling; DHG-1 Recommended

4 hrs Group/3 hrs Private

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Yet, deploying your gun from concealed carry – under duress – is never easy, always dangerous, and requires the right training to execute properly.

Building upon the lessons taught in DHG-1 Home Defense, DHG-2 defines the basic holster types, purposes and selection criteria, and rapidly develops the ability to carry concealed, and most importantly, effectively draw from a holster in a defensive situation.

Your defensive shooting skills will also be exponentially enhanced and expanded, exploring multiple target engagement strategies, extreme close quarters and longer ranges, clearing jams and malfunctions, different types of reloading techniques, and the basics of movement –getting off the “X” – in a gunfight.

In this course you will learn:

Holsters & Concealment Concepts. How to select a suitable holster for your particular needs, including alternate concealment options with advice on non-traditional concealment.

Justification of Force. The legal considerations of firearms usage will be discussed, including a basic understanding of the justification of force laws.

Defensive Carry & Law Enforcement. Restrictions on concealed carry and how to manage interactions with law enforcement.