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Workplace violence is neither rare, nor random.

In today’s world, the need for personal protection is great, yet it’s often impractical to deploy protection teams for every executive, which is why INPAX training programs are such a vital component in the risk management of any organization. However, if a situation warrants professional lifeguards, we are capable of deploying elite close protection teams and consultants who can drastically enhance the protection of key executives anywhere in the world.

Training programs described below are a sampling of what INPAX offers.

Please, keep in mind that all INPAX programs are fully customizable and can be engineered to meet the specific needs of any organization.

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For Your Staff

“We have been utilizing INPAX to assist us with protecting our employees, both here, domestically, and internationally as they travel.The training provides our employees confidence that they are not a target, that they can protect themselves, that they know how to avoid certain situations and, if needed, they know how to get away from a person who wants to do them harm.
“As a Vistage Chair, I am always looking for great speakers. Sam Rosenberg is such a speaker. His presentation and training on personal security is perfect for troubled times. He addresses the physical and mental tools we need to keep ourselves and loved ones safe from the threats we encounter in our daily lives. Sam has my highest recommendation.”
Sam Rosenberg spoke at a couple of ACCCI’s general membership meetings and gave our audiences interesting, entertaining, educational, interactive and topical presentations on matters of personal security that are so vital in today’s business and societal settings.
Bruce Steiner • Past President, American Coke & Coal Chemicals Institute

When you need a professional lifeguard…

Sometimes training your people is not enough and you need a professional lifeguard. Our sister organization INPAX | GPS is a leader in Protective Intelligence, Travel Security, and Executive Protection. They can give you the tools, know-how, and – when needed – professional lifeguards to keep you and your organization safe, domestically or abroad.

INPAX has been privileged to work with many organizations, including…


Protect your people by empowering them to protect themselves.