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Confidence for Life

Bullies steal more than just your lunch money.


Youth (9-12)

2 hrs Group/Private duration varies by need. Please Inquire

INPAX youth training programs offer a practical alternative to traditional martial arts.

Based on the same close-protection principles used by professional bodyguards, INPAX’s CFL curriculum gives young people the tools they need to develop character, strength, bearing and confidence for life.

Your children will:
• Build strength and confidence, so bullies won’t even consider them a target.
• Firmly establish personal boundaries.
• Learn how to back up their convictions.
• Learn to recognize—and resist—peer pressure.
• Build a strong mind and body.
• Know how to take action, decisively, in a threatening or violent situation.

Given the economic and practical realities of today’s schools, teachers and administrators are limited in what they can do to prevent bullying. At best, they can redirect a bully’s actions away from more severe crimes and violence. But, in today’s, digital age, bullying is ever present, and ultimately a personal responsibility to manage.

All Parents want to protect their kids. It’s our mission to teach them to protect themselves – physically and psychologically. No Black Belts, just Confidence for Life.