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Survival Tactics for Modern Terrorist Threats

by Dan Rullo As I watch the cellphone videos from the Las Vegas concert shooting, several common negative themes become evident regarding the victims’ immediate reactions. These themes are typical of people in general when faced with a sudden threat for which they have not trained or prepared. And sadly, predators know to rely on [...]

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As Real as it Gets

Over the last two decades, mixed martial arts has become extremely popular. As the sport grew and evolved, the rules changed and fighters had to adapt and change their styles to incorporate strikes, takedowns, and groundwork. Nowadays, mixed martial artists are considered to be some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Here [...]

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Learning to Live Without Lifeguards

I watched as ambulance after ambulance raced past my car, knowing full well that the incident was far worse than the radio was reporting. Though no lives had been lost, I knew for certain that lives would be changed forever. As luck would have it, I was en route to meet with a neighboring school [...]

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A Most Dangerous Game

By now, you’ve likely heard of a phenomenon called the Knockout Game. If not, allow me to explain briefly. The rules are quite simple. A single member of a gang of juveniles blind-sides an unsuspecting passer-by with a sucker punch, the goal being to knock the victim unconscious in a single blow. Typically these attacks [...]

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