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SamRosenberg_600x705In 1996, after completing a stint as a USMC Officer, INPAX founder Sam Rosenberg began a career in close protection – body guarding executives, dignitaries and celebrities, including high-ranking members of the Israeli government, including Benjamin Netanyahu.

In 2003, INPAX was born as the direct evolution of a simple, yet profound, philosophy that originated during this time as a close protection operator.

“It’s good to have a lifeguard, but it’s better to know how to swim.”

Personal security is a fundamental human need, but ultimately an individual responsibility. Yet most people consciously or unconsciously abdicate this fundamental responsibility to the “lifeguards” of society.

Deep down, though, we all know that at the moment of truth we are on our own. There are no lifeguards…

INPAX serves to help people and organizations take full responsibility for their own security. To provide the training, tools and tradecraft necessary to change the way people think and live in the world, and as result, develop a sense of confidence and security that transcends and positively influences all aspects of their lives.

After decades of relentless research, development—and real-life application – INPAX is represents the leading edge in the science of personal security.

“We don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our training” -Archilochus ~650 B.C.


When most people think about personal security they think of the physical elements – punching, kicking, what if the bad guy is bigger than me? What if he has a gun or a knife?

Most self-defense and martial arts systems, in fact, focus almost exclusively on this part of the equation.

However – the brain controls the body, and while the physical elements and techniques are vital, of far greater consequence is the ability to think under pressure. (Which is more important? Strong Mind or Strong Body?)

Absent the “right” training, the mind is more likely to shut down and go into paralysis or panic, rather than appropriate and decisive decision-making.


Hick’s Law Equation

Paradoxically, there is a little known scientific principal known as “Hicks Law” that states if you have too many options during a crisis, that your reaction time will be radically slowed –resulting, effectively in analysis-paralysis.

Martial arts and most self defense systems that focus on the development of highly athletic, complex skill sets typically fail under real world pressure, often leaving a practitioner with more confusion and immobilization than someone even with no training due to this Hicks law dynamic.


We call this negative process “horizontal decision making”. Like an inverted funnel, one stimuli permits many possible options, causing analysis paralysis.


INPAX, rather, is built upon a simple, “vertical decision making process.” One or two possible responses are adequate to address several different potential stimuli. This funneling of responses allows for rapid and decisive action. In other words, a small, highly selective, vocabulary of skill sets can be utilized to “problem solve” a variety of threat stimuli – with maximum speed, economy, practicality, and effectiveness.

The objective is to ensure that you can think under pressure, adapt to rapidly changing circumstances, make the right decisions, and have the physical skills to back them up.

Accomplish that, and you will achieve a level of confidence typically only known by elite military, law enforcement and close protection operators.


Balance_600x400Much like learning to speak and understand a language, learning the trained responses to conflict are fairly simple – if the right tools are presented in a logical and appropriate manner.

When learning a language, you first learn the alphabet…A, B, C, etc. From there, you learn the basic rules of grammar: what you should and shouldn’t do. Then you form simple words…CAT, RAT, BAT (notice that they all end the same and that building onto the same root is the only change at first.) As you progress, you learn to form bigger words, and eventually you move onto sentences and paragraphs. Finally, once you become fluent, you can even bend the rules of grammar to suit your needs, but the framework is firmly ingrained for you to fall back on when in doubt.

Have you ever noticed how people conversing in a foreign language seem to be speaking incredibly fast, and when you learn the language it seems to slow down? It’s not that everyone slows down; it’s that your rate of comprehension has increased. The same effect occurs with defensive tactics: as your comprehension and skill increases, the things that previously seemed incredibly fast or impossible to comprehend don’t seem so difficult to understand or control.


Violence is never random and you are never helpless.


When starting with INPAX® our clients have many questions. Browse our frequently asked questions. If you have a question we did not answer in our FAQ section, please contact us.



INPAX is a team of quiet professionals. It’s one of our core values. So we don’t like to boast. We would rather have our clients tell you what makes INPAX so special.



Sam Rosenberg with gun



Sam Rosenberg has been a professional trainer in personal security since 1996-and has worked in defensive tactics, martial arts, wrestling and personal fitness since 1984. A 1994 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Sam was a varsity team member of the school’s NCAA Division I wrestling program. Sam also earned a coveted berth in the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School, where he earned a commission as a USMC Lieutenant.

On graduation, Sam began his tour of active duty with the US Marine Corps. Attached to the Marine Corps Combat Development Command, in Quantico, Virginia, he received formal training in all aspects of small-unit leadership, weapons and tactics, counter terrorism and close-quarter battle-qualifying as an expert in both rifle and pistol marksmanship.

In addition to his formal training in the Marine Corps, Sam continued his private study of personal security and defensive tactics-practicing, teaching and competing in many martial-arts styles, including Judo and Jiu-jitsu.

Following his tour with the Marine Corps, Sam worked both as a martial arts instructor and an executive protection specialist, with an emphasis on high-profile, high-risk clients. He also continued to compete in martial arts, and in 2001 entered active competition in the International Defensive Pistol Association and the International Practical Shooting Confederation.

In 2003, Sam combined this wealth of experience and training into the system known as INPAX®: a practical approach to managing physical conflict in the real world.

In addition to his role as founder and president of INPAX®, Sam is also a faculty member of the CSI – Corporate Security & Investigations Inc, Academy of Investigations and Protection; serves as a consultant in stress-inoculation training to Allegheny Singer Research Institute; and provides real-world conflict management training and support to companies, schools and non-profit organizations.

Sam was honored by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as one of Pittsburgh’s 50 Finest, a group of notable business and community leaders. He also received the 2007 Tactical Instructor of the Year award from the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Sam has written widely on the management of interpersonal aggression and his views are routinely sought by the news media. His first book, entitled INPAX: The Way of the Warrior, was published in 2007, and is available for purchase on most major internet booksellers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and Borders.com.

Mike Rodriguez
Native to Pittsburgh, PA, Mike has practiced martial arts since 1994, specializing in Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kun do, and has been an avid shooter and firearms instructor since 2002.
In 2005, Mike began training formally with Sam Rosenberg and Jhon Yonan at INPAX. In Mike’s words, INPAX training “answered all the questions and doubts that the traditional Martial Arts couldn’t.”


In 2007, Mike earned his Defensive Tactics Instructor certification, and joined the INPAX instructor team. In addition, Mike drew on his firearm experience to become a founding member of the INPAX Tactical Firearm Instructor team.

Previously to his work with INPAX, Mike worked as a Direct Support Professional taking care of profound mentally handicapped individuals with great physical disabilities. His naturally caring and patient nature allows him to excel as an instructor.

Currently Mike conducts group and private defensive tactics instruction, tactical firearms instruction, and Sim-City Tactical Self Defense Simulation training.

Justin Booth
Justin joined the INPAX team in early 2015 as operations manager and is the primary resource for all administrative functions.
Among his career highlights are:

• Joined the Marines and graduated boot camp at Paris Island 2004

• Graduated School of Infantry 2004, expert rifleman badge, advanced infantry tactics, combat lifesaving.

• Operated weapons systems: M16, M203 Grenade launcher, M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), Mk 19 grenade launcher, .50 cal., and M240 machine gun.

• Deployed to Sangin, Afghanistan in Helmand Province 2010-2011: Infantry Squad Leader

Notable Awards: Combat Action Ribbon, Afghanistan Campaign, Global War on Terrorism.

• Honorably Discharged with rank of Sergeant, 2012

• Graduated from Robert Morris University, 2012, B.A. Business Management


James Ashbaucher
A US Marine Corps combat veteran, James Ashbaucher has been saturated in the environment of managing violence, and helping those subject to it, since 2001.
A US Marine Corps combat veteran, James Ashbaucher has been saturated in the environment of the military, law enforcement, managing interpersonal violence, and teaching those who manage violence since 2001.

During his time in the Marine Corps, James became an instructor for the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and repeated earned “Expert” qualifications in both pistol and rifle marksmanship while continually developing skill sets in hand to hand combat. During James’ deployment to Fallujah, Iraq, he was assigned as a squad leader / Security Commander responsible for the safety of Explosive Ordinance Team (EOD) missions, resupply convoys, and proactive patrols throughout the Al Anbar province.

During James’ law enforcement career, he became a firearm, defensive tactics, and use of force instructor.

Seeking to further improve himself, James began training with INPAX in 2012 and was immediately fascinated with INPAX’s unique personal protection system. In James own words, “This is, without hesitation, the best system of self protection and truly applicable combatives that I have ever experienced.”

He is currently an INPAX defensive tactics instructor, firearms instructor, and Corporate Violence and School Violence presenter with INPAX | Academy of Personal Protection.

Additionally, James is a Close Protection Specialist with INPAX | Global Protective Services (GPS). INPAX | GPS provides a full range of close protection, protective intelligence, travel security, and threat assessment and management consulting services for a worldwide clientele, including many Fortune 500 companies.

James_ Hike_300x250

Dan Rullo
Training with INPAX since 2008, Dan joined the firearm instructor team in 2012.
As a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Utah Concealed Carry Permit Instructor, Dan teaches our full defensive firearm curriculum and our Multi-State Concealed Carry certification course that enables Pennsylvania residents to carry a firearm in 38 states. He is also a member of the INPAX Defensive Tactics instruction team.

Dan is part of our Corporate/School Critical Incident Response Training Team that teaches large organizations to protect themselves from a worst-case scenario, such as active shooter incidents.

Dan also brings to INPAX a background in physical (facility) security as well as expertise in information technology. During his extensive time as a software developer and specialist in the access control industry, he designed custom integrations between various site security platforms. In this role, Dan assessed the security needs of large corporate and government installations then developed comprehensive solutions to meet “hardened” infrastructure requirements.

Joe Bellisimo
Joe Bellissimo is currently a Postal Inspector and has worked in Federal law enforcement since 1985.
Joe is a certified firearms instructor with the Postal Inspection Service, the NRA, and INPAX® Personal Security Training Systems, and has additionally been through numerous elite training courses throughout his career including: swat training, dynamic building entry, tactical training, and is currently an H&K MP-5 operator. He currently trains local, state and federal law enforcement officers including the Emergency Response Team.
Joe is a certified expert pistol marksman, and has attended the Pennsylvania Tactical Officers Training Course to include training in tactics, mindset and shooting on the move.

Since graduating from Robert Morris University in 1985, Joe has experienced almost all aspects of Federal law enforcement, having worked with the FBI, Department of Defense and The Department of Energy.
In addition to his law enforcement background, Joe has extensive Executive & Dignitary Protection experience, having been through both Basic & Advanced Protection training by the US Secret Service, and having been member of Sam Rosenberg’s Executive Protection Team since 2000.

Joe has been an INPAX® Tactical Firearms Instructor since 2007, and currently conducts group and private firearms instruction, as well as Sim-City Tactical Self Defense Simulation training.

Jessica Lazar
Subscribing to the mantra “it’s not what happens to you, but rather, how you handle what happens to you,” Jessica has faced numerous obstacles that placed her in a victim role. Refusing to be a casualty of her circumstances, she practiced Gung-fu in her teens and 20s, along with various other self defense courses over the years. She took a course with Inpax in 2014, and never looked back. The philosophies and efficient, real-world approach taught in Inpax were a perfect match for her. She was particularly drawn to the science and physics-based movements, the consideration given to fight-or-flight physiology, and the understanding of predator and victim psychology.

Jessica also brings to Inpax a strong medical background. She graduated Summa Cum Laude at Duquesne University and obtained a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant. Her career focused in cardiology, heart failure, and pulmonary hypertension. She followed an academic track, becoming a public speaker, teacher, researcher, and author.

An avid extreme hiker, Jessica frequently travels across the US and abroad. Hiking down through the Grand Canyon, across the Inca Trail in the Andes, and above the clouds on a mountaintop are a few examples of her passions. She climbed Kilimanjaro with 2 physicians in order to temporarily give themselves the same disease that their patients have: pulmonary hypertension (a key component of altitude sickness). She has given multiple inspirational talks on the power of mental grit in extreme circumstances.

Jessica is a mother, first and foremost. Her son has also become an eager student of the Inpax system. Jessica is currently in the Instructor Development Program and looks forward to capitalizing on her teaching skills to educate the community, including the core Inpax philosophy, “It’s good to have a life guard, but it’s better to know how to swim.”


Eric Amsden
Training with INPAX since 2013, Eric joined the firearms team in 2015 as a Range Safety Officer (RSO).
His job is to ensure the safety of clients and instructors on the range and assist Instructors as needed. He is currently working to achieve his Instructor certification and join the ranks among top INPAX instructors. He currently holds certifications as an NRA Pistol Instructor and NRA Range Safety Officer, he is also a Pennsylvania certified agent (ACT 235).

Eric started his Firearms training in 2013 with Eric Ziska and has worked his way through the entire defensive handgun curriculum and continues to build skills and proficiency in handgun marksmanship among other platforms. Eric continues to train on the defensive tactics side of INPAX and his working his way to becoming a defensive tactics instructor.

Eric is also part of the multi-state concealed carry program. He is one of the administrators responsible for fingerprinting/permit photos and basic procedure for multi-state permit requirements.

Eric is honored to be a part of the INPAX team.


Katie 'Cubby' Maloney
Katie 'Cubby' MaloneyIDP CANDIDATE
Born in Chicago, IL (hence the nickname Cubby), Katie moved to Pittsburgh, PA to attend Chatham University where she played softball and received a double degree in both Digital Film Production and Communications. Since graduating, Katie has joined the INPAX Instructor Training course and has been amazed at the confidence she’s gained since her first day in class.

“Knowing that I am taking the steps to ensure my own personal safety, instead of hoping that someone else will be around if danger arises, has been an incredibly empowering experience.”

In addition to her time at INPAX, Katie works as a crossfit instructor and personal trainer at a functional fitness gym in Pittsburgh.

John Casamassa
John Casamassa has been part of the INPAX family since 2008 when he began training in the INPAX Method as a way to round out his skills in personal defense.
Already a boxer and mixed martial artist since his teens, John sought to integrate the practical, real-world elements of fighting into his personal skillset.

Besides boxing, John has also competed in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a style that focuses on ground fighting and grappling. Much like the INPAX philosophy, Brazilian jiu-jitsu asserts that a smaller person can, through leverage and technique, defeat a stronger opponent.

INPAX provided John with the perfect opportunity to integrate his warrior skills with an aptitude for teaching as demonstrated by his years as a boxing instructor, working across all age groups. Among his strengths is the ability to communicate clearly with his students and a passionate, positive attitude that encourages.

John has found the INPAX system of confidence through training and awareness to be highly valuable, personally fulfilling and continues to grow his abilities while imparting them to his students.

Michael Casamassa
Michael has always believed that a man, no matter who he is or what his state of life, should know how to fight in defense of self and loved ones.
Hearing stories of school bullies from his father gave Michael a deep desire to learn how to fight and carry himself like a man. This confidence through ability has deterred potential bullies from challenging him throughout his life.

Michael has extensive experience in self-defense techniques from years of training and application, including boxing, Brazilian jujitsu, and Muay Thai. While these martial arts improved conditioning and provided fine training in technique, they all failed to prepare him for conflict in the real world. After learning of INPAX and its practical methodology, he began training in 2009.

The INPAX Method has since been proven to Michael, helping him respond safely and confidently to a real life threat, facing down an armed hoodlum while studying abroad in Guatemala; the confidence gained helped Michael keep his composure and unnerve the would-be perpetrator.

Believing that INPAX is truly empowering and that it provides the ability to handle violent situations quickly and decisively, Michael joined the team as a defensive tactics instructor in 2012, planning to teach to others the valuable lessons he has learned.

In addition to his work with INPAX, Michael is a certified HVAC technician and is skilled in residential renovation (carpentry, tile, drywall, electronic appliances, and painting).