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The World Can be a Dangerous Place

In the moment of truth, the “lifeguards” of society simply won’t be there to protect us.


Whether from street crime or the potential of mass homicide,

we are, in effect, on our own.

INPAX | Academy of Personal Protection is a nationally recognized leader in personal security, defensive firearms, and critical incident response training.

Our programs provide a practical, systematic approach to self-defense, designed so you can be your own lifeguard. We will teach you how to recognize when you are in danger, deter threats from escalating, and decisively respond to incapacitate an attacker if left with no choice.

Now, you can benefit from the knowledge and tradecraft once reserved exclusively for elite bodyguards.

Woman in danger

Know what to do.   And how to do it.   In hours, not years.



The distillation of decades of research and real-life application, INPAX uses a small, highly focused vocabulary of verbal, non-verbal, and physical tactics that can be applied against a wide array of threats.



Using simple, gross motor processes that are effective regardless of size or strength, INPAX does not require years of continuous practice and athletic ability to achieve real skill – fast.



INPAX is a system proven effective under extreme adrenaline and real word stress, and across the full spectrum of violence – from managing single opponents to guns, knives, and multiple aggressors.



When the stakes are high and seconds count, INPAX’s unique vertical decision making process allows you to know what to do, and how – instantly – no matter what the scenario.

Full Spectrum Programs

Designed with the experience of over twenty years in research and application of the science of personal security.

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Full spectrum Self Defense, Defensive Firearms & Critical Incident Response training available in age appropriate private and group formats – Adults (17 & over), Teens (age 13-16), Youths (age 9-12) and Kids (5–8).

Confident, smiling office staff


From executive retreats to full staff training, INPAX has empowered over a hundred thousand individuals in thousands of organizations throughout North America.

Boy with gun approaches girls in front of school bus


Teaching educators how to identify potentially dangerous students and what to do if they come face-to-face with an armed intruder.

Ready to get started? Speak with an INPAX protection specialist now.


Welcome to INPAX

Sam Rosenberg body guard with drawn pistol

Welcome to INPAX – I’m Sam Rosenberg. For the past 20 years, I’ve been in the business of protecting people and organizations, and teaching them how to protect themselves.

I’ve served as a Marine Corps officer, and as a close protection specialist – protecting dignitaries, celebrities, and high-stakes individuals across the globe.

In 2003, I founded INPAX as the direct evolution of my core philosophy that “It’s good to have a lifeguard, but it’s better to know to how to swim…”

To me, personal security is a fundamental human need, but ultimately an individual responsibility. Our goal is to help people and organizations to take full responsibility for their own security by providing the training, tools and tradecraft necessary to recognize danger, manage threats, and respond to violence.

Moreover, INPAX changes the way you think and live in the world. Building a sense of confidence and security that transcends and positively impacts all aspects of your life.

After 2 decades of relentless research, development—and real-life application– INPAX truly is the “science of personal protection.”

I hope to see you in training, and always – Live with Confidence!

Sam Rosenberg's Signature

Sam Rosenberg

“Sam and his staff are excellent instructors. This starts with having a comprehensive understanding of human physiology and the techniques that they teach. What makes them unique is how they package and communicate what they know so that anyone can absorb and retain what they learn. I have seen my daughter’s confidence improve after only a few sessions and we both really look forward to going to our training. “INPAX® works!”
Julie Hayden • Employee Benefits Manager
“I travel a great deal, and now have a confidence and a natural sense of adventurism. INPAX® is a system of personal security that enables you to know how to handle any situation, and it’s a fun way to engage in conditioning.”
George Borowski • Insight-3
“I would recommend the INPAX® personal security training to anyone, and I can say with confidence that the experience I had with INPAX® greatly benefited me as a woman. I know that no matter where my travels take me in the end every city has the potential to pose a threat and I now have the tools within myself to identify a situation and rapidly respond to keep myself safe.”
Alicia Reuter • Student
“INPAX is a way of life, a way to think, a way to approach any situation; being able to defend yourself and have the confidence to know that you can defend yourself or just know how to deal with people, in general, so that you are not influenced by what they do; that you can control your own situations.”
“Even though our daughter was a recruited rower, we still worried about her safety on an urban campus almost 1000 miles away from home. Her sessions with INPAX equipped her with the knowledge to head off to college with confidence. She’s already reported several situations where her training really made a difference.”
“We’ve been utilizing INPAX to assist us with protecting out employees, both here, domestically, and internationally as they travel. Part of the services that INPAX has been providing to us has been training. The training provides out employees confidence that they are not a target, that they can protect themselves, that they know how to avoid certain situations and, if needed, they know how to get away from a person who wants to do them harm.”


Learn about INPAX and why our methodology will help you meet your security needs.



INPAX is frequently called upon by the news media for our insights and opinions.



INPAX original content offers tips and tricks to help navigate an uncertain world.



Tools and apparel, including the INPAX Response Pen, indispensable for protection.




How to Survive an Abduction

KDKA’s Kym Gable visited INPAX to discuss kidnappings and the techniques one could use to escape if bound. Our ESCAPE program will teach you these skills.

INPAX Response Pen

The Pen is mightier…

Having a protection tool on your body – accessible at a moments notice, that you know gives you a decisive advantage, yet cannot be used against you, and that can travel with you – wherever, and whenever you need it, truly un-levels the playing field in your favor. Watch the video then read more about this amazing tool on our PRODUCTS page.


INPAX has empowered thousands of individuals with the essential ability to manage violence in the real world. Empower your family and staff to be their own lifeguards.

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